About SAP

At Prodigys, we have devised the PASS technique to assist students in analyzing their preparation for various competitive exams based on their educational curriculum. The intent behind this is to enable students in a way that helps them analyses their preparation strategy, evaluate their performance and revise their methodology to perform even better in the Competitive examinations.

SAP or Student Assessment Program Examination is designed on a similar pattern as that of major Competitive examinations conducted in India. The exam will be conducted annually across all the major cities of South India as a standard skill and preparation analysis examination for students in Standard 7th to Standard 10th across the CBSE, ICSE and the State Boards.

SAP has been designed keeping in mind the idea that the fear element and issues like low confidence are eliminated amongst students. It takes into account the same curriculum which is covered in their school, but SAP helps in building a competitive approach towards the same syllabus covered for a particular academic grade.

SAP Examination Details:

  • Exam Pattern: The exam will be in MCQ (multiple choice question) format.
  • Exam Duration: The duration of the exam will be 100 minutes.
  • Exam Mode: SAP exam will be conducted online.
  • Eligibility: Students studying in class VII to X standards.
  • Exam Centre: The exam will be conducted across different cities in Online Examination Centers tied up with Prodigys, The center details will be updated in the admit card post registration for the exam.
  • Exam Results: Results will be announced on Prodigy's website 10 days after the exam is conducted.
  • Results Process: The result is generated through an Automated process through our results software. Top 3 candidates from each standard selected by the criteria given by our expert teachers will be chosen.
  • Student Rewards: These top 3 students will be rewarded with a certificate of excellence and cash prize of INR of 10000 to 25000 and JEE & NEET study material will be given as part of prize money based on student performance.
  • Student Reward Ceremony: The reward ceremony of these top 3 students from each standard will be carried out in a Star Hotel / Resort in the presence of their parent's presence by well-known and recognized celebrities with media coverage. The event would be followed by dinner.

Social Responsibility

At Prodigys, we believe in the philosophy of giving back, as much as we can. Today, quality education has become a privilege, when it should be a basic right for every child anywhere in the world.

Based on how much ever revenue Prodigys generates, every year we are aiming at sponsoring the education of as many underprivileged children as we can. Our purpose is to help in educating these children and empower them to grow up as independent and successful individuals by making a name for themselves and helping even more like them in building a better future.

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